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Harts of Eden Farm is a lifelong dream come true for the Hart family. We wanted a place to raise our children where they can have wide open spaces, woods, creeks, wildlife, and farm animals to grow up and learn with like we both had as children. We purchased the Farm on 4-12-2013 and have been learning as we go. The farm is located in Mount Eden Kentucky on the edge of Shelby Co that is rich with history. The land is a large 23 acre ridge line that used to be a old early 1800s Cattle/Dairy farm. The property contains a very old Cemetery, Mt Moriah Cemetery that dates back to the late/middle 1700s with stones with readable bury dates as early as 1830s. 

Harts of Eden Farm is primarily focused on Chickens both Layers and Meat birds. Later we intend to add sheep and some other animals after some time.

We are currently selling eggs for $2.50 a Dozen if you provide your own carton. $3.00 a Dozen if we provide a carton.

13057 Mount Eden RD, Mount Eden, KY 40046

GPS Coordinates: Latitude : 38.05786 | Longitude : -85.137864

From Louisville, KY, take I-64E to Exit 35, Take a Right on KY 53 and continue for 11 miles and you will see a large red radio tower.
Turn left onto the gravel driveway across from the 13057 numbered mailbox.


Map Link:

13057 Mount Eden Rd, Mount Eden KY 40046